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Making your custom Linux Ubuntu DVD

Would like to have your own Linux Ubuntu, with all the improvements and changes that you have made just ready to install, or to work with your PC without installing anything, something as like as your own Live CD? It is quite easy! Ill explain you how:)

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1: Open the terminal and become Root:
$ sudo su

$ echo "deb http://www.linuxmint.com/repository romeo /">> / etc / apt / sources.list

$ apt-get update

After you install the program remastersys:
$ apt-get install remastersys

And once installed the program you only have to do the following command:
$ sudo remastersys backup custom.iso

The program will you create an iso file in the folder / home / remastersys called custom iso, burn that CD or DVD image, then restart and test your new CD Linux:)
If all goes well and can work and whether to install the CD, (to install it:> administration> install, no need to install, just see if the icon is there) and then reboot again to enter in your account on your operating system, an then :

$ sudo su

$ sudo remastersys clean
To delete temporary files, and thats all!

So when you have a problem with your computer or simply want to reinstall, just install on your own CD Ubuntu ready and with all your settings, modifications and themes!
I already have my own, and has already tested and I can say that it works well. ;)
Good luck:)

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